A tool for the collaborative development
of Innovation projects, from the idea to
the global scale in the organization.

  • Ecosystem: Discover and implement new innovation processes in your organization, involving internal talent or accessing external agents.

  • Visibility: We provide you with a balanced board and help you with the implementation of an Innovation Scorecard to measure the impact of all innovation processes.

  • Impact: Track, measure impact and make your innovation more productive and effective by measuring success and validation rates.

  • Flexibility: The platform accompanies you throughout the entire lifecycle of the innovation process, from the identification of a challenge to the market launch.

  • Community: Use the Innovation Platform interactive space to connect with other users with common interests and create a quality networking activity every day throughout the year.

How it works
Big Data

01. Get Ideas

Launch any type of challenge, customizing content, defining audiences (internal or external to the company) and defining different processes and selecting idea criterias.

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02. Manage

Define your innovation funnel and guide users in the development of projects through tasks and objectives to accomplish.

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03. Measure

Measure and control your innovation portfolio in a centralized way for informed decisions making. Through the dashboard you will be able to control costs, return on investment, fulfillment of your annual innovation plan objectives, impact of scaled solutions, track all projects, etc.

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04. Participate

Have users respond to the challenges launched by the company, contributing relevant ideas to solve them and turning them into projects that can be worked on collaboratively.

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05. Project Management

Pilot your innovation project in a real environment and create your own partner ecosystem. Scale it globally.

Turn your innovation into real business opportunities through smart decisions and the activation of new processes within your organization.

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